14 Feb 2023

Spectre Sound Studios on TONEX

“The overall sound quality is fantastic and there's no getting around that!”

In this new video from Spectre Sound Studios, engineer Glenn Fricker describes his experience using AmpliTube TONEX to capture amp heads. He walks us through the process and then demos some of his Tone Models solo and within a full band mix.

In the end, Glenn gives TONEX 5 stars for sound quality. Hear for yourself.

I've been messing around with IK's TONEX for the last couple of months and it sounds nothing short of fantastic!

Spectre Sound Studios

The real strength of this entire system is the ability to capture amps or pedals just by themselves without any speakers hooked up. That way you can throw in third-party IRS.

TONEX lets you play guitar extremely expressively and I think it's absolutely phenomenal. This is the best capture system I've ever heard!

Spectre Sound Studios

Visit Spectre Sound Studios on YouTube.

TONEX Capture is available now and includes TONEX SE with 200 Premium Tone Models and unlimited Tone Model creation and downloads from ToneNET. Or purchase TONEX software by choosing between 3 affordable versions HERE.

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TONEX Capture



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