16 Jan 2023

10,000 Tones on ToneNET

IK's preset-sharing community soars past another milestone

IK Multimedia is pleased to announce that ToneNET has marked a major milestone. Neck and neck between AmpliTube presets and TONEX Tone Models, we're currently at over 5,000 user-created tones for each, or over 10,000 in total!

That's an amazing achievement and represents truly a ton of great tones for you to explore. We want to thank everyone for their contributions and for helping make ToneNET a success.

If you haven't yet tried ToneNET, you can go right now and start checking out the tones and listening to demos, even without an account. If that whets your appetite, you can dive in for FREE with AmpliTube 5 CS and TONEX CS. They both let you download and use a select number of the great tones you find on your guitar or bass.

Now's also a great time to go all the way. For a limited time, AmpliTube 5 is just $49.99 and you can grab TONEX SE on sale for $/€49.99 as well. These two programs are fully integrated for an amazing experience.

Soon you'll be Tone Modeling your gear, opening the Tone Models you create in AmpliTube, and if you want to play it forward, sharing some of the presets and Tone Models you make on ToneNET.

Of course, it's not how many tones you create or we collect on ToneNET that matters. It's really about staying inspired and progressing on our instrument. And if variety is the spice of life, we hope that ToneNET, with over 10,000 tones and growing, will keep you inspired to play more and reach your goals.

Thanks again! We're proud to be part of all this ToneNET activity and excited about the new preset collections coming soon. Stay tuned for more and keep rocking!

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$/€149.99 $/€49.99

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AmpliTube 5

$/€149.99 $/€49.99

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