24 Apr 2023

MusicRadar on T-RackS FAME

“FAME Studio Reverb can instantly conjure the character of the hits of yesteryear.”

T-RackS FAME Studio Reverb earns 4.5 stars in MusicRadar's review. The author covers the technology behind the plug-in, how flexible and easy it is to use, and the deeper controls you have at your fingertips to further shape the sound.

In the end, MusicRadar recommends FAME Studio Reverb "for those wanting to layer on authentic vintage sweetness to vocals and instruments."

MusicRadar Verdict

A staggeringly accurate, virtual version of one of music's most revered spaces, IK's FAME Reverb quickly imparts the same feel that the big names sought in your music.



+Perfectly modelled.
+Instrument-tailored mic positions.
+Greater spatial and dynamics controls for refinement.
+360 degree studio renders.

IK Multimedia's VRM technology is central to the engine on which FAME is powered. Able to precisely measure and reproduce a fully navigable 3D version of the space, in tandem with the company's close dialogue with the (still working) studio, the FAME plug-in is nothing short of that studio in a box.


What's really nice about this plug-in is just how easy it is to get to what it promises. While other plug-ins in this vein might leave it up to you to get the best from a modelled space, IK's finesse here saves time. It's almost the equivalent of working with seasoned engineers who know the studio's nooks and crannies inside out.


Care has clearly been given by IK to producing the very best software tribute to this hallowed place that they can, and we can't fault the results. For those wanting to layer on authentic vintage sweetness to vocals and instruments, FAME is recommended.


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Step through the doors and inside the iconic Muscle Shoals sound. Grab FAME Studio Reverb today. It's also included in the new Total Studio 4 MAX. You may be eligible for upgrade and MAXgrade pricing. Learn more.

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FAME Studio Reverb


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