21 Dec 2022

The Only Bass You’ll Ever Need

See the video review on MODO BASS 2 from Home Studio Simplified

Home Studio Simplified gives a complete presentation of IK's new MODO BASS 2 in this demo video. Watch and learn all about the different ways you can customize your bass sound and control the performance for ultra-realistic and soulful bass tracks, and even get that Geddy Lee sound.

If you're looking to bring bass tracks to life in your next production, put MODO BASS to work for you. You'll be amazed by the realism!

Home Studio Simplified

Using your DAWs automation you can also control other useful parameters such as the playing position.

Varying this parameter while performing is one of the secrets to achieving utmost realism and MODO BASS is the ONLY virtual instrument to make that possible.

Home Studio Simplified

"As most of you know, IK Multimedia is always pushing the limits of what we can do in a digital world and today's VSTi is no exception.

It's not a sample-based instrument. This is a literal working digital version of the physical counterpart. Every single note that you play is a true-life physical synthesis, complete with all the nuances of the real thing.

Home Studio Simplified

"You can easily turn any 4-string model into a 5- or 6-string bass at the click of a mouse. It gets cool because, besides extending the range of the bass, this also loosens the string giving it a particular behavior and tone.

The electronics section is where you can customize the pickups and experiment in real-time with the different types of bass pickups. There's even a piezo pickup control that lets you blend in an under-the-bridge pickup.

Home Studio Simplified

"The customization options don't stop there. With MODO BASS you have full access over the control signal path as well with seven bass stompbox effects and two classic bass amplifiers."

Visit the Home Studio Simplified YouTube channel HERE.

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