7 Dec 2022

MusicRadar on MODO DRUM 1.5

“Quite frankly the sculptural scope is astounding!”

"With some of the most expansive tone-shaping control we’ve ever handled, IK has augmented an already unparalleled drum workstation." And so begins MusicRadar's recent review of MODO DRUM 1.5 giving the virtual drum instrument 4.5 out of 5 stars.

Here are the top features of MODO DRUM according to MusicRadar:

  • Unprecedented kit and beat editing via modal synthesis
  • Great playability/humanization options
  • Simple UI and easy to use
  • Deep room shaping, kit-mixing scope

The review discusses the deep control MODO DRUM offers over each drum's sound and the playstyle settings that really add a human touch. Below are some highlights and a link to the full review.

Another win for IK, MODO DRUM 1.5 excels at being a multi-layered drum sample library that goes above and beyond what was previously thought possible!


"This flexibility is further evidenced by the breathtaking effect of changing your virtual drum room via IK's deft use of convolution, and effect-soaking certain kit elements in the Mixer.

"You can affect it in real-time, without any processing lag or having to settle for approximations of what certain changes 'might' sound like. In effect, it's like tiny virtual engineers are shifting mics, swapping drum elements and more instantly within your hard drive.

The sheer level of tonal shaping, FX, groove-shaping and real-world nuance that you can control here, results in perhaps the only piece of beat-building software you'll ever need.


"Using MODO Drum to build up a series of demos results in a rewarding experience, and while we find it very easy to get entirely comfortable with the surface-level offerings of the library, there's a veritable ocean of possibility beneath the surface. While size might be an issue, thankfully you're able to download only those kits you need.

"The Grooves section is the easiest way to hear the results of all of this in full flight, with a pyramid of pre-determined drum patterns."

MusicRadar Verdict

While other drum libraries trade off on bringing you accurate, playable recordings of premiere kits in world-class locations, IK instead hands the keys to you, with the player, room, kit and character entirely at your control.


Read the full MODO DRUM 1.5 review here.

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