9 Nov 2022


“A super great deal…it blurs that line between sampled and modeled.”

HIFIMIDI has posted a video on IK's MODO BASS 2, the much-anticipated update to our popular modeled bass library. The review goes over the new features and demos the different ways you can customize the sound of each bass model to suit exactly your needs.

The great thing about modeled instruments versus sampled instruments is that you have a lot more control over the nuances of the instrument sound.


"This is a really cool feature. So there are two fretless basses however if you're on a Punk bass or the Fusion J bass or whatever, you can choose whether it's fretted or fretless.

The biggest new thing in this plug-in is the patterns feature. This comes with 1,500 MIDI patterns!


"I love this type of system where you can start filtering by categories or genre section of the song, the play style, the length of the pattern, and the key and the signature.

"Having all your instruments choosable within one plug-in is the best way to go. For me, the plug-in is laid out very logically. It's easy to use.

I love that they now include fretless basses and upright basses. Getting 22 basses and all these effects is a super great deal.


"In the case of MODO BASS 2, there are so many effects that add to those harmonics that make it sound more natural. It blurs that line between sampled and modeled."

Visit HIFIMIDI's YouTube channel for more reviews.

Try the FREE version for yourself. Experience MODO BASS 2 CS today.

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