29 Sep 2022

IK Releases AmpliTube TONEX

Now shipping TONEX Mac/PC for creating and downloading Tone Models of guitar and bass gear

Intro pricing ends soon. We encourage you to take advantage of the special limited-time pricing listed below. Not sure which TONEX version to get? Browse the over 1,000 TONEX demos on ToneNET to help you decide, then visit the IK online store to lock in your deal.

  • TONEX SE - $/€99.99* limited-time introductory price ($/€149.99 regular) - 200 Tone Models
  • TONEX - $/€149.99 limited-time introductory price ($/€249.99 regular) - 400 Tone Models
  • TONEX MAX - $/€249.99 limited-time introductory price ($/€399.99 regular) - 1000 Tone Models

AmpliTube 5 MAX users will receive a further $/€50 discount coupon on TONEX MAX

  • TONEX Capture - $/€199.99 limited-time introductory price ($/€249.99 regular) - Includes TONEX SE with 200 Tone Models

IK Multimedia is pleased to announce the release of TONEX Mac/PC, the core element of AmpliTube TONEX™, IK's complete software ecosystem which lets users model their own rig and play, practice and record with thousands of ultra-realistic Tone Models of amps and pedals.

TONEX Mac/PC is available today in 4 versions for purchase and download including a free version: TONEX CS. IK also announces that TONEX SE is now included with new purchases of AXE I/O and AXE I/O Solo audio interfaces for guitar and bass players.

AmpliTube TONEX Ecosystem:


A revolutionary concept in rig modeling, TONEX Mac/PC uses breakthrough AI Machine Modeling technology to let users capture the sound of any amp, cabinet, combo or pedal (like fuzz, distortion, overdrive, EQ, booster) and turn it into a Tone Model, all with ease and a sonic accuracy that's virtually indistinguishable from the real thing.

TONEX Mac/PC works as a standalone and plug-in for all the major DAWs. Plus it's available seamlessly inside AmpliTube 5, appearing as additional gear with direct access to all the user's Tone Models. TONEX has two main sections: the Modeler, where the AI Machine Modeling Tone Models are captured and generated; and the Player, where the Tone Models can be searched, played, customized and uploaded to ToneNET.


Coming October, TONEX App lets iOS users use Tone Models on their mobile device and experience the power of AI Machine Modeling, minus the modeling capability. TONEX App works both as a standalone app and as an AU plug-in for recording inside all the major mobile DAWs, and includes the same exact Player section as TONEX Mac/PC software to play and practice.

Owners of TONEX Mac/PC will be able to use the free TONEX App and sync their Tone Model library seamlessly between desktop and mobile devices in the studio, at home or on the go.


A new dedicated section of ToneNET (www.tone.net) allows users to browse and listen to over 1,000 Premium Tone Models to help them decide which TONEX version to choose. Plus free user-created Tone Models from the TONEX community will be continuously shared and available for download in real-time, for a limitless growing repository of new tones.

TONEX standalone, plug-in and app, connect instantly to ToneNET from directly inside the program, allowing users to share their own Tone Models and explore the latest user and VIP Tone Models without breaking their creative workflow. Or, TONEX Tone Models can be experienced on ToneNET using a regular web browser and selected for subsequent download on the computer software or mobile device app.

TONEX Capture

Tone Models can be created in TONEX Mac/PC using a modern computer, a regular audio interface and minimal additional equipment. An interface such as AXE I/O is ideal for tone modeling with its dedicated Amp Out.

To make it easy for anyone to create Tone Models, IK's new all-in-one TONEX Capture is an accessory that connects to the output of an audio interface to feed into an amp at just the right level. Then, the return stage sits passively between an amp and cab, sending a perfect copy back to the interface at a safe volume without affecting the amp/cab interaction.

The result is a pristine copy of the amp's real tone, ready for TONEX modeling without the need for microphones and perfect room acoustics. Once modeled, users can experiment with different cabs using IK's VIR™ technology or 3rd party IRs. TONEX Capture also makes it easy to model an amp plus cab and doubles as an ideal reamplification device.

Pricing and Availability

TONEX Mac/PC and TONEX Capture are available now from the IK Multimedia online store and from IK authorized dealers worldwide. TONEX App is free and coming October to the Apple App Store with in-app purchases that mirror the desktop version in pricing and included Tone Models.

  • TONEX CS – Free – Includes 20 Tone Models and 20 user Tone Models. The Modeler is disabled.
  • TONEX SE - $/€149.99* - Includes 200 Tone Models and comes bundled with new purchases of the following interfaces:
  • TONEX - $/€249.99 - 400 Tone Models
  • TONEX MAX - $/€399.99 - 1000 Tone Models
  • TONEX Capture - $/€249.99 - Includes TONEX SE with 200 Tone Models

*All pricing excluding taxes.

For more information about AmpliTube TONEX or to see it in action, please visit:


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