16 Sep 2022

iLoud Micros on Tour With Mika

Sound Engineer Massimo Barbieri uses IK’s compact monitors to help mix the house sound

Sound Engineer Massimo Barbieri (engineer for a number of top-rated TV shows, movies and major pop stars) is using his beloved pair of IK iLoud Micro Monitors for the live mixing of the current tour of Mika.

I always have the iLoud Micro Monitors with me for line check and if I need to listen to anything when the PA is turned off.

Furthermore, I use them to mix things on the fly when traveling in hotels and on the tour bus.

Massimo Barbieri, Sound Engineer on tour with Mika

iLouds MM on tour

About Mika

Among many other things, Mika was one of the main presenters of the recent Eurovision Song Contest. Mika's 2022 tour kicked off in the US and Canada in April and he's currently performing dates in Italy, home of IK Multimedia. For more tour info, visit Mika's website HERE.

As we release the new iLoud Precision series, we're pleased  iLoud Micro Monitor and iLoud MTM continue to help all levels of musicians and sound engineers to produce better-sounding mixes.

Registered owners of iLoud Micro Monitors and iLoud MTM are eligible for special pricing on Precision pairs. Learn more about iLoud Precision HERE.

product image

iLoud Micro Monitors




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