24 Aug 2022

New T-RackS Vocal Strip Review

MusicTech: “Use it and you might find that this becomes your go-to vocal plug-in.”

MusicTech has published a review of IK's Joe Chiccarelli Vocal Strip, giving it a score of 8/10. Describing how effective and easy to use it is, MusicTech makes a strong case for trying the vocal effects processing chain for yourself. If you don't already have T-RackS, download the free version HERE and demo the full version of the Joe Chiccarelli Vocal Strip within T-RackS.

MusicTech rating: 8/10
⊕ Presets offer a head start on taming any vocal
⊕ Parallel three-compressor approach allows for a natural sound
⊕ Extra effects stages make it an effective all-in-one solution
⊕ Runs in your DAW or T-RackS standalone
⊕ Easy to understand and tweak even for beginners

Review highlights

"IK developed a new parallel-processing engine to accommodate Chiccarelli's approach of using up to three compressors in parallel and then blending them with the uncompressed signal.

With this technique, users can maintain the dynamics of their original vocal while achieving satisfying levels of compression that won't crush the life out of their sound.


"There's a lot to be said for plug-ins that combine various processors into a single unit. Vocal compression can be tough to learn but the presets give you a real leg up here, taming and smoothing vocals without robbing them of character or life.

You'll want to fine-tune each preset to suit your track, sure, but Vocal Strip's layout makes that easy. The addition of reverb, delay and EQ is useful, too, letting you dial in depth in addition to compression.


Joe Chiccarelli Vocal Strip features

  • Works as a plug-in or in T-RackS
  • All-new parallel-processing engine
  • Three classic modelled compressors
  • EQ with pre / post switch
  • Reverb, delay and modulation effects
  • Drive and colour controls at the output stage
  • Presets designed by the producer himself
  • 32-bit, 192kHz support
  • De-esser and high-pass filter
  • Mix and match the three compressors

Read the full MusicTech review HERE.

Learn more about Joe Chiccarelli Vocal Strip HERE.


product image

Joe Chiccarelli Vocal Strip



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