6 Jul 2022

Audio Tech TV on MODO DRUM 1.5

Watch the video by Audio Tech TV to learn about IK’s FREE drum plug-in

Audio Tech TV has posted a new video on MODO DRUM 1.5 CS, the free version of IK's newly updated virtual drum instrument. The video goes through all of MODO DRUM's extensive features including editing drum sounds, controlling the playstyle, using MIDI patterns, and mixing and adding effects to your finished drum tracks.

IK Multimedia's MODO DRUM looks incredible and the free custom shop version looks like it could be the new king of free drum plug-ins for acoustic style drums.

Audio Tech TV

"The cool thing here is we can edit each of these drums. If we want to edit this snare, we can change it from clear skin to coated skin. You can even change the size if you want it to be a bigger snare drum.

"Here's something that you can't typically do if you're a real drummer. We could switch out the type of stick that we use when we're hitting the toms so you could have a no-tip stick or something like that.

You can change the technique of the drummer from heal up, which is your typical drum style, to heal down. Those are some pretty cool things in the playstyle that help this to really stand out.

Audio Tech TV

"This acts like a real mixer. You have an equalizer on each track. You can add effects and there are actually quite a few effects.

"This all comes with the free version. You can adjust the levels of each individual drum. If you look over to your master section, here you can adjust the levels of your overheads. So it does have the sound of the overhead mics and also your room, and then you have your effects send.

"Let's check out the Grooves section. This is where you can get actual MIDI patterns. You can use these as starting points or just use them as-is and build your song.

I would say that the IK Multimedia's MODO DRUM custom shop IS the new king of free drum plug-ins for acoustic style drums!

Audio Tech TV

Visit Audio Tech TV's YouTube channel here.

Experience more natural-sounding drums. Download MODO DRUM CS for FREE today.

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