29 Jun 2022

IK’s Free Drum VI Review

Production Expert: “MODO DRUM CS is a winner and one you simply can’t ignore!”

Production Expert recently posted a review of MODO DRUM CS, the FREE version of IK's expanded drum virtual instrument. The author covers all of the new features of MODO DRUM 1.5 and explains what makes MODO DRUM CS so special for your studio.

Below are some highlights and a link to the full review.

We were so shocked by the sheer value proposition of the free version of MODO DRUM we wanted to make sure you didn't ignore it!

Production Expert

"You get a 6-piece kit with cymbals that sounds excellent. Then you get the chance to edit each kit element, giving you almost limitless combinations to tailor the sound you want.

"You then get the chance to place the kit in numerous rooms, ranging from dry studios to huge cathedrals. There's also a fully featured mixer giving you an array of quality EQ, COMP, Effects and more to use on each element of the kit.

The sound from the free MODO DRUM's kit is impressive, but what shocked us more is the sheer level of control you get from this free drum VI.

Production Expert

"Even better, if you want full control over any element of the kit you can send it to separate channels within your DAW mixer to use your own plugins on any element of the kit.

"There's a fully featured groove section offering Intros, Verse, Chorus, Fills and more in a wide range of styles with an easy-to-use selection grid to narrow down the options. You can drag any groove right into your DAW as a MIDI pattern and quickly build up your own song.

"If you are using an electronic drum kit then you have all the options you need to map your drums via MIDI.

As free plug-ins go, MODO DRUM CS is a winner and one you simply can't ignore. It offers the kind of features you would expect to find on paid-for products and in some cases, it offers more.

Production Expert

Read the full review here

Experience more natural-sounding drums. Download MODO DRUM CS for FREE today.

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