28 Jun 2022

dancetech on JC Vocal Strip

dancetech: “Immediate and quick to use, it’ll get any type of vocal sound.”

dancetech has posted a full review of the T-RackS Joe Chiccarelli Vocal Strip. At nearly an hour long, it's an excellent tutorial covering the 3 parallel compressors and the other tone-shaping features that make this single plug-in all you'll ever need for the right vocal sound.

I love the way each of the compressors just has a simple macro control. It's tuned to work. It's similar to the Lurssen Mastering Console with its overall macro controls. It's quite clever like that.


The beauty is that everything is in one panel. You can tune and tweak and really sculpt that vocal sound without having to have this ghastly mess of endless plug-in racks open all over your screen. It just makes it incredibly easy.


"It's a great product. The presence and air controls are not just a simple boost or air bump. They're definitely adding harmonic saturation and harmonically related, pleasant artifacts.

"The drive control emulates any saturator so you won't need to use the Softube Saturation Knob anymore. You've got what you need built-in here.

It'll get you any type of vocal sound from biting and edgy that you can slot into an incredibly loud and busy mix to retro styles and everything contemporary and smooth as well.


"Try out the Joe Chiccarelli Vocal Strip for yourself. The beauty of IK products is, that without having any dongles, they give you a really proper demo to decide if it's for you. Fantastic stuff.

"I'm very impressed with this!"

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Joe Chiccarelli Vocal Strip


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