11 Apr 2022

DJ TechTools on iRig Stream

“The iRig Stream is definitely enough for your mobile streams.”

In a recent article, DJ TechTools discusses the challenges of getting back to live gigs and not having the time to stay connected with an online fanbase. They make the case that you do both at once with an iRig Stream

The review describes how easy it is to capture your set and stream it live using the right interface for your mobile device. And that's where iRig beats the competition.

A link to the full review is below. Here's are some highlights:

"Playing for real-life people again has been amazing – albeit a bit anxiety-inducing. There are, however, only so many hours in a day, and some of us haven't been able to maintain a regular streaming schedule now that gigging has come back."

How can you do both?

"Well, one straightforward way is to start live streaming at your gigs. But how would you go about doing this?

One option is to stream directly from your phone. While much less dynamic and more no-frills, it's an option and requires minimal extra gear and setup.

DJ TechTools

"There are a wide variety of mobile sound cards available that are compatible with phones or tablets. We will focus on two of the highest-profile companies making these dedicated cards. IK Multimedia and Roland should be easily recognizable names to anyone interested in music and audio gear.

"While there are many iRigs to choose from, we will be looking at the iRig Stream and the iRig Pro Duo. These are stereo-capable interfaces that would appeal the most to DJs."


product image


IK Multimedia iRig Stream

"The smallest option, this little pocket-sized interface is relatively straightforward and no-frills. The iRig Stream is a fairly (pardon the pun) streamlined card. It includes a pair of RCA inputs, a headphone/microphone 1/8″ jack, a large volume knob, some smaller volume dials, and a couple of switches.

The iRig stream is pretty light but feels decently solid. Smaller in size, it has a bit more of a sturdy feel.

DJ TechTools

Useful features

  • Level lights – I like the IK Multimedia design for level light. It has a peak light, but a low-level LED light lets you know if the signal is too quiet.
  • RCA Inputs – This is the only card reviewed that contains standard RCA inputs. It's one of the most common ports for audio so most DJs should have several lying around.
  • DIN connector for the connection cable – I find this connector way sturdier and more secure than the micro-USB connector on the GO:MIXER.
  • DC power – Although not included, you can purchase a power supply for the iRig devices to run the interface and charge your phone as well.
  • Capable of using a Camera connection kit to power via USB – This allows you to connect the iRig to your phone while simultaneously charging via a USB battery bank, giving you way more uptime.
  • It can be used as an interface for PCs – the iRig stream functions as a class-compliant sound card for your computer. Just plug in and select it as your interface.
  • Loopback – This feature lets you input audio from the same device you have connected. If you have some audio sources on your phone (say a scratch looper), you can broadcast that and the external sources.


"The main strength of the iRig gear is the ability to use an external power source with the cards. Using the DC port with a wall plug or USB adaptor or a Camera Connection kit with a power bank gave me much more streaming time than the Roland cards.

"I found myself streaming at my gigs more at lounge and restaurant nights most often. These gigs tend to last a good 4-5 hours, so not relying on my phone battery charge was a huge plus for my uses."

Our pick

"Of the IK Multimedia cards, the iRig Stream is my preferred pick. Yes, the iRig Pro Duo has more professional inputs and outputs and includes the MIDI in/outs. But unless you need a portable audio card for mobile music production, the iRig Stream is definitely enough for your mobile streams."

Read the full DJ TechTools review HERE.

Click HERE to see the latest deals and to learn more about iRig Stream.

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iRig Stream



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