17 Apr 2022

SoundBytes on Syntronik 2 MAX

“A wealth of fabulous-sounding presets, almost an embarrassment of riches.”

Recently SoundBytes published a lengthy review of Syntronik 2 MAX. The article discusses the history of Syntronik, the synths and presets, the Edit panel, FX, Multi-panel and more, before answering the question "Is Syntronik 2 for you?"

We recommend reading the full review via the link below, but here are some highlights:

"The original Syntonik was a treasure trove of vintage synthesizer sounds. Now version 2 delivers much more of the same, but also does it better.

"In 2017 IK Multimedia introduced a major product, Syntronik, that delivered a huge collection of sample-based synthesizer sounds. Instrument collector Erik Norlander supplied most of the 38 hardware synths used in the project.

But importantly for many Syntronik fans, what was of impressive scope originally has now grown a great deal larger.


"The new capabilities in the latest SampleTank have been exploited to create this latest version of Syntronik, and there are some significant improvements in a variety of areas like modulation possibilities, editing capabilities, and more."

Is Syntronik 2 for You?
"The answer here will depend in large measure on how much you're bothered by the notion of using sampled synth sounds. Those simply looking for a great sound will normally not be concerned at all about how they come by that sound.

Syntronik has a wealth of fabulous-sounding presets, almost an embarrassment of riches when it comes to the standard and MAX versions.

And there's no question that Syntronik readily delivers the goods in that department.


Read the full SoundBytes review HERE.

Learn more and see the latest offers for Syntronik 2 HERE.


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