12 Apr 2022

DanceTech Tests MODO DRUM 1.5

Hear the sonic advances of IK’s new virtual drum instrument

dancetech takes a deep dive into the sounds of MODO DRUM 1.5. The review demos all the new and original shell packs, the new cymbal packs and how you can swap it all to create truly custom kits. It's a great watch to learn just how far you can go with MODO DRUM and how amazing it all sounds.

dancetech quotes

"You're going to hear them out of the box and they might sound fairly raw, but that's the beauty of MODO DRUM. It's the only high-quality drum player I've ever used that gives you the drums raw. It's like listening to real drums in the studio and you have the opportunity to do whatever you want to them.

I do believe they've reworked everything, not just the modeling, but the samples as well. It just sounds better to my ears.


"New MODO DRUM 1.5 is fantastic. It seems nippier on my computer than the previous version. So they've done some work to make it lighter on the computer.

"We've got the three new kits, the new 2022 cymbals and there's a 2022 hi-hat as well which are designed to cut through a mix nicely.

"It sounds really good, new kits, everything. And remember, you can completely mix and match your kits to make any sized kit of any combination of any of the drums from any of the kits and for every individual drum.

"That's what I love about MODO DRUM, that it sounds like a real kit in the studio, not overly processed like you get with purely sample-driven drum instruments. So fantastic stuff, MODO DRUM 1.5."

Visit dancetech's YouTube channel HERE.

Download and try the FREE version MODO DRUM 1.5 CS HERE.



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