15 Jun 2022

New AmpliTube 5 Video Reviews

Learn how to make the most of all the gear and find your sound

We're curating the best reviews on how to use AmpliTube 5. If you want to make great-sounding signal chains, you'll learn a lot from watching these videos. We'll update this page regularly. So check back in whenever you can use some new tips and tricks.

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High Gain Pedals in AmpliTube 5 - The SuperFunAwesomeHappyTime Pedal Show!

Gabor is checking out high gain distortion pedals in AmpliTube 5 and he's using some of the gear you get FREE with AmpliTube 5 CS. All versions of AmpliTube 5, including CS feature direct access to ToneNET, the new present sharing community mentioned in the video.

I thought I would use all free stuff. If you want a metal sound, I'm not a metal guy but to me, that sounds really good!

TSFAHTPS on AmpliTube 5

Visit the TSFAHTPS YouTube channel HERE.

The Best Tones in AmpliTube 5 – Dipswitch Demos

In case you missed it, Dipswitch Demos did a deep dive into several clean, crunchy, and lead tones inside AmpliTube 5. Be sure to check out the "edge of breakup" Marshall tones they achieved with Amplitube 5.

I really enjoyed the tweed amps in AmpliTube 5.

That's such a great AC30 sound, really chimy!

DipSwitch Demos on AmpliTube 5

Visit the DipSwitch Demos YouTube channel HERE.

AmpliTube 'Mesa Boogie 2' - California Tweed - The SuperFunAwesomeHappyTime Pedal Show! (TSFAHTPS)

If you love the sound of the Mesa Boogie California Tweed amp, you'll appreciate this deep dive into all the different tones you can achieve with this amp in AmpliTube MESA/Boogie 2.

You can feel the amp compressing... On the neck pickup, it reminds me of early Red Hot Chili Peppers stuff.


Visit the TSFAHTPS YouTube channel HERE

More AmpliTube 5 videos to come...


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