15 Mar 2022

TASCAM Tape Collection Preset Pack: Evren Göknar

The Grammy Award-winning Mastering Engineer shares his favorite settings

IK has great news for TASCAM Tape Collection users and those that want to give it a try. We're partnering with some incredible mixing and mastering engineers to create their own preset packs FREE for the T-RackS TASCAM Tape Collection.

This fourth pack comes from Grammy Award-winning Mastering Engineer Evren Göknar and bestselling author of "Major Label Mastering: Professional Mastering Process." As a 25-year veteran for Capitol Mastering until it closed its doors, he has mastered records for artists ranging from KISS and Mariah Carey to Iggy Pop and N.W.A. After 25 years with Capitol, Evren founded EGM (Evren Göknar Mastering) in Los Angeles where he continues to master the songs for NBC's hit television shows The Voice and Songland.

Evren's love for TASCAM tape machines inspired him to create this preset pack for TASCAM Tape Machine Collection users to spice up mixes and make radio-ready masters!

Here's what Evren had to say about the TASCAM Tape Collection:

"In my book Major Label Mastering, I discuss the fabled mastering technique of implementing analog tape compression for a 'louder, punchier and more saturated sound.'

"IK Multimedia's new TEAC/TASCAM analog tape recorder plug-in set offers a broad array of both tape/tape formulation saturation and electronic circuit coloration options to similar effect.

"No detail is ignored in the accurate modeling of the original recorders (A-3340S/A-6100 MKII/388/Porta One) that first helped democratize audio recording decades ago.

Great for individual instruments or vocals, sub-mix groups, parallel processing or stereo bus applications, these plug-ins spur creativity and offer enhanced fidelity options on your recordings...highly recommended!

Evren Göknar

"My personal favorite is the 3340S with either 456 (a hint more saturated) or GP9 (a bit "glassier") at 15ips with a hint of over-biasing...immediate vitality to the frequency and loudness profiles of the recording!

"The recording engineer, producer, or mastering engineer can dial in settings that offer personality, impact, punch, dimension, and more adventurous audio souls can add saturation/distortion to taste."

This preset pack from Evren Göknar is a great way to learn how he uses TASCAM and TEAC analog tape machines to shape and enhance your own sounds.

How to get your FREE TASCAM Tape Collection presets

  1. Download your presets from the IK Product Manager
  2. Find your downloads under "My Products"
  3. Scroll down to T-RackS and click on "Presets" tab to download the installer
  4. Extract your downloads and run the included installer to complete the process

Windows: Your download will open in File Explorer automatically.
Mac: Your download will be found in Finder in your Documents, under the TASCAM folder.*

*If you have set a custom download path for IK Product Manager, this can be found in the Settings menu in IK Product Manager in the upper right-hand corner.

Click HERE to learn more and to demo the TASCAM Tape Collection


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TASCAM Tape Collection




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