8 Mar 2022

Zach Kornhauser on FAME Reverb

Atlantic Records Mastering Engineer: “I highly recommend this plug-in.”

FAME Studio Reverb is quickly becoming a go-to solution for engineers, producers and artists to get the sound of this historic Muscle Shoals recording studio.

Here's what Atlantic Records Mastering Engineer Zach Kornhauser had to say about his experience using the FAME Studio Reverb plug-in:

"Without studios like FAME in Muscle Shoals, the foundation of modern music would cease to exist. So many Atlantic artists like Aretha Franklin and Wilson Pickett began their recording careers here, and the sound of this studio is embedded in their music.

Now being able to recreate that iconic sound of this legendary studio in my own productions is phenomenal!

Zach Kornhauser

Multiple ways to use FAME Studio Reverb

"This plug-in can get all the trademarks of the studio and even more. Other than a traditional reverb, I've been able to get really creative slap-back delays.

"I highly recommend this plug-in for both studio enthusiasts and creatives that want not only an authentic replication but the ability to create new and unique sounds with the flexibility of digital processing."

For ONLY €/$149.99, you can get the entire Muscle Shoals sound for your DAW!

That means you get the 3 options of consoles and the famous acoustics of the 2 live rooms, 5 iso booths, an EMT Plate and FAME Studios' famous Echo Chamber, all captured with IK's Volumetric Response Modeling (VRM™), an advanced hybrid convolution technique, to deliver the highest-quality reverb effects possible.

Step through the doors and inside the iconic Muscle Shoals sound. Grab FAME Studio Reverb on sale now for €/$149.99 HERE.


product image

FAME Studio Reverb




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