28 Feb 2022

Beat Magazine on Syntronik 2

IK’s collection of legendary synths and string machines scores high

Beat magazine recently published a very strong review of IK's new Syntronik 2 MAX, giving it a combined score of 5.5/6. The review covers many of the new features with detailed descriptions of all the new instruments.

Some excerpts from the review:


Syntronik 2 presets

An exemplary clear structuring of the presets is provided during the targeted filtering of sounds. Up to 4 sounds can be loaded and combined to create massive and expressive pads, basses or leads as layers.

Beat Magazine

"In addition to the LFO and Envelope section, there is also the opulent Modulation Matrix. With the matrix, so much life can be breathed into the samples that you can hardly believe that you are "only" working with samples here.

Sequencer& Arp
"The dynamic arpeggiator fires up the groove with adjustable note length and velocity, as well as by the swing factor. Nested sequences, drones and textures can be developed very easily with this.


500 series style panel

"The effects have almost doubled with the new version for a total of 71 effects. These come from the in-house suites T-RackS, MixBox and AmpliTube in the usual highly professional quality and clear operating concept.

New instruments
"Like the existing 22 emulations, the new instruments are synthesizer classics; although some may only be known to connoisseurs due to their rarity value.

Sound range

Brower and layering

The range of sounds from 5,000 presets is overwhelming. The vintage character shimmers through predominantly.

Beat Magazine

"The vast quantity of sounds that Syntronik 2 MAX brings along never allows boredom to arise. As such, it should explicitly appeal to synthesizer collectors. However, the less expensive Syntronik 2 edition also offers enough material for Electronic Music Producers. The detail fidelity, the combination variety through layering, the dynamic arpeggiator and the drift function are all additional plus points."

Beat positives

  • New instruments
  • Preset variety
  • Effects
  • Layering / Mapping
  • Drift function
  • Arpeggiator

Beat score

  • Sound: 5.5/6
  • Operation: 6/6
  • Price/Perf: 5.5/6
  • Total: 5.5/6

Visit beat.de for this and other full reviews

With 4 versions of Syntronik 2 to choose from, including the free Custom Shop edition, all Electronic Music Producers will find one to suit their needs and budget.


product image

Syntronik 2 MAX




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