23 Feb 2022

Clay Cook Loves FAME Reverb

"The FAME Reverb plug-in is especially amazing; full of great presets!"

IK's new FAME Studio Reverb is a plug-in that's way more than just another reverb. It gives you 9 spaces within the iconic Muscle Shoals' recording studio. Choose from 2 Live Rooms, 5 iso booths, an EMT Plate and the historic Echo Chamber, which was recently restored by IK to the original specs to give you the sonic signature of FAME Studios at its best. 

Now you too can impart the historic sound from the home of countless classic hits to your music!

We caught up with longstanding member of the Zac Brown Band, Clay Cook, who has been weaving his way through the musical landscape in multiple ways over the past 20 years as a songwriter, studio musician, live performer, producer, and engineer with a career that started with writing and performing with John Mayer, Sugarland, and Shawn Mullins.

Going 'in the box' was made so much easier by IK Multimedia. I absolutely LOVE their plug-ins. The FAME Reverb plug-in is especially amazing; full of great presets as a stellar starting point for 90% of my reverb needs!

Clay Cook (Zac Brown Band)

Here's a video showing you the history of FAME Studios and how the plug-in delivers the entire signal flow of the historic rooms right to your DAW:

Step through the doors and inside the iconic Muscle Shoals sound. Grab FAME Studio Reverb on sale now for €/$149.99 HERE.


product image

FAME Studio Reverb




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