18 Jan 2022

New Vintage Collection for AmpliTube iOS

Version 4.13 adds 4 classic amps & cabs and 2 stomps

Ready to turn your iPad or iPhone into a studio full of vintage gear for guitar? With the release of AmpliTube iOS 4.13, you'll find a new assortment of 4 classic amps & cabs and 2 pedals available for purchase. The Vintage Collection features:

4 amps & cabs

Based on Silvertone® Twin Twelve 1484. A 60W tube head, which Hendrix used in the early part of his career. The amp produces a powerful clean sound, as well as a gritty distortion that has stood the test of time from the psychedelic era through the Grunge period and into today's modern rock. Includes the 2x12 Open SL: Based on the Silvertone® 2x12" Guitar Cabinet.

JH 1200
Based on the Sunn® 1200S. The JH 1200 is a high-powered tube bass head. Concertgoers at any Hendrix show between 1967 and 1968 would have seen an entire backline consisting of Sunn amps and cabinets. As with many amps from the psychedelic era, the ultra-loud 1200 was popular with both guitarists and bass players. Includes the 2x15 Closed B J130: Based on the Fender® Bassman® 2x15" Cabinet.

Based on Hiwatt® DR103™ Amp. HiAmp is based on one of the most legendary British tube amplifiers. This amp's full-bodied, warm sound characterized countless music productions and performances in the '70s and early '80s. The amp was highly valued for its warm clean and its powerful crunch tones. Includes the 4x12 HiAmp: Based on the Hiwatt® 4x12 Guitar Cabinet.

Jazz Amp 120
Based on Roland® JC-120™. It may have Jazz in its name, but this versatile clean sound can be heard in many genres. Many of the top metal players keep this not-so-secret weapon in the studio for great clean sounds. Includes the 2x12 JP Jazz: Based on the cabinet section of the Roland® JC-120™ 2x12 Combo Guitar Amplifier.

2 stomps

Opto Tremolo
Based on Fender® Opto-Tremolo. This model is based on a vintage Opto-Tremolo effect.

EP Tape Echo
Based on Maestro® Echoplex™. The EP Tape Echo is the gold standard of vintage tape-echo units. Hendrix liked experimenting with it to produce wild psychedelic effects in the studio, and he used it heavily during the recording of Electric Ladyland.

This new Vintage Collection is available now as an in-app purchase and is included in the new All-in Bundle Collection 2022. Relevant Amps and FX are also included in the new All-Amps 2022 and All-FX 2022 bundles. Purchasing the All-in Bundle 2022 will unlock all the new gear models we'll be releasing in 2022 automatically!

Learn more about AmpliTube iOS 4.13


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