5 Jan 2022

Sonoteka loves T-⁠RackS TASCAM Tape Collection

“Looks good, sounds good, IK Multimedia nails them!”

Sonteka just posted a review with a guide on how to use the T-⁠RackS TASCAM Tape Collection. The author is experienced in using physical TASCAM machines and has a real appreciation for how realistic and useful the TASCAM Tape Collection is for adding warmth and character to your mixes.

Some extracts from the review:

What I love about the TASCAM Tape Collection
Looks good, sounds good, and is very easy to use. I know looks aren't the most important aspect when it comes to plug-ins, but on some level, it is! Visuals are very important, people like looking at cool things.

TASCAM Tape Collection layout
I smiled when I noticed the similarities within the layouts of the units. Slightly different locations, but they're there. The continuity makes using the units and understanding their flow very easy.

When to use the T-⁠RackS TASCAM Tape Collection

I use them simply for adding warmth and Mojo to the mix. This is one of my secrets when it comes to music placements, specific for tv (music licensing)... Making sure the mix is on point.


I shoot for results that aren't overly dramatic, but noticeable and round. With that being said, each machine has its own character.

What the different tape settings do

  • Tape Speed: I use Low Tape Speed settings (7.5 ips). The 15ips is good as well, audition both to see which fits best for your genre of music.
  • Bias: I'll increase this to add more saturation to the mix. I find that a little goes a long way.
  • True Stereo: If you turn it off, both left and right channels are the same, but having it on alters both channels, thus making the output a little wider.
  • Formulas: All of the formulas are good and have varying degrees of separation (nothing drastic) depending on the unit you're using.

Favorite TASCAM tape formulas

  • 456: This gives that round warm Tape Machine sound that people are after when they think of Tape.
  • 499: I like this one because it can be hit harder, but I notice it doesn't have the same squash or compression that the 456 has.

I used to use one of these with an MPC 3000. What I would do is process and filter my incoming signal (sample) via the TASCAM PORTA ONE and record that signal into the 3000. There are two tape formulas on the PortaStudio:

  • Type I: I use it specifically for dirtying up sounds.
  • Type II: Also good, but doesn't give me the dirty sound I love. Has a more pristine quality to it than Type I.

TASCAM PORTA ONE helps shape drum breaks and give clean modern-sounding drums more character.


I like to put the TASCAM PORTA ONE on my drum bus and make the drums extremely dirty. This is perfect for trying to capture that Boom Bap and Lofi sound.

T-⁠RackS TASCAM Tape Collection conclusion
IK Multimedia did an amazing job with the TASCAM Tape Collection. They're easy to use, sound good, versatile and they make a huge difference on my mix bus. I hope to see other classic emulations in the future.

Read the full Sonoteka review here.

To learn more about the 4 available TASCAM and TEAC models and to try them out for yourself, visit the TASCAM Tape Collection product page here.


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