4 Jan 2022

X-VIBE One of 10 Top Pedals

Ultimate Guitar: “Worthy of a very high spot on this list. I replaced 4 pedals for $300!”

Ultimate Guitar just published a list of the top 10 pedals they reviewed in 2021 and AmpliTube X-⁠VIBE figures in the top 5.

Here's how they summarized IK's new modulation effects pedal:

The X-⁠VIBE is really easy to wrap your head around and easily replaced 4 pedals on my pedalboard within days of arriving.

Ultimate Guitar

"I love modulation pedals, but I don't dip into the more modern modulation pedals that can do a lot more than the X-⁠VIBE can. Instead, I want my Phase 90, Electric Mistress, and Boss Super Chorus sounds in a more convenient package.

"The X-⁠VIBE does all that and more, as I programmed in those 3 pedals, multiple trem sounds, and a Leslie speaker sound.

The way I see it is that I replaced 4 pedals for $300!

Ultimate Guitar on X-⁠VIBE

"That is worthy of a very high spot on this list, especially when you consider that the algorithms here sound nearly identical to my beloved stompboxes."

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