26 Oct 2021

dancetech on IK’s TASCAM Tape Collection

“That is epic, absolutely epic!”

YouTube channel, dancetech just posted a thorough demo of IK's new T-⁠RackS TASCAM Tape Collection with many examples of how the collection operates and sounds. The reviewer goes through all 4 tape decks, both on individual tracks and the stereo out of his Pro Tools session.

Using bass and drums tracks as examples, all of the controls of each machine are tested and examined in real-time including the different tape formulas, speeds, EQ sections and more.

Watch and learn how the TASCAM Tape Collection can work to add warmth and character to your music too.

Quotes from the demo

"Let me just give you a quick burst of two of them in action. I've got a drum beat here and I've got the PORTASTUDIO emulator strapped across that. Then I've got a bassline and this 2-track strapped across that. This is grunging up the drum loop and this is giving a wonderful tape compression plus saturation to the bassline.

What I like about this one is it gives this incredibly beautiful tape saturation, but with tape compression. Very, very nice indeed.


"One technique with using old PORTASTUDIOs is that you would record with more treble, particularly if you were going to then bounce tracks. I'm pushing with a lot of treble and then rolling that off on playback. That is just epic!

"So this isn't giving that tape compression as much as the 2-track, but it's an incredible warmer and it'll break up the bottom end and things like that. Generally, this is doing some super warming and fattening.

It's adding a beautiful extra warmth. Now let's start to drive it. Beautiful. This is adding real serious warmth. Very interesting.


"Quite a lot of versatility with this machine. You can do all sorts of different tape-type distortions with some pumping if you want. But the EQ gives you a lot more options for sculpting the sound as well.

"Because of the EQ and other bits and that lower-end tape, this is a general-purpose full-on tape distortion grunge box. In essence, it will go that way or be more subtle.

"Really interesting stuff. Really cool!"

Learn more on the T-⁠RackS TASCAM Tape Collection

The T-RackS TASCAM Tape Collection is available for purchase from IK's online store at a special limited-time introductory price of $/€129.99 (reg. $/€199.99).


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