12 Nov 2021

UNO Synth Pro Video Series

Host Jakob Haq walks you through the key concepts and components of analog synthesis

Join IK and synth expert and mobile musician, Jakob Haq as we dive into all of the key features and uses of UNO Synth Pro.  

From portability, to sound quality, to just having some straight-up fun, UNO Synth Pro has got it all. We wanted to highlight the qualities that make this synth such a must-have piece of gear by walking you through the basics of analog synthesis using only UNO Synth Pro. Check back here every week as we add a new topic for the next 10 weeks.

Week 1 - Overview of UNO Synth Pro features

Week 2 - Designing warm analog bass sounds with UNO Synth Pro

Week 3 - Understanding your Synthesizer's Step Sequencer on UNO Synth Pro

Week 4 - Creating unique sounds with your Analog Synthesizer

Week 5 - Using your Synthesizer's Arpeggiator

Week 6 - Analog Synth Sound Design Tip

Week 7 - Understanding your Synthesizer's Modulation Matrix

Week 8 - Exploring the Effects on UNO Synth Pro


Learn more on UNO Synth Pro

Check out Jakob Haq on YouTube


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