8 Sep 2021

Comprexxor Extended Demo

William Wusik Kalfelz: “Oh, this is nice. This is very nice!”

Fellow software developer and musician William Wusik Kalfelz recently posted an extended demo of IK's T-RackS Comprexxor on MODO DRUM and MODO BASS. He has high praise for IK's development team and the three plug-ins.

There's so much you can do with Comprexxor and MODO. It's clear in the video that these are must-have products for music-makers. Along the way, the reviewer offers solid tips for using these plug-ins in your own productions.

From the demo

"As always, be careful with audio levels when you're trying effects like a compressor. Louder is always better to the ears. You have to check when you're doing A and B comparisons between ON and OFF that you have the same audio level.

Comprexxor is interesting to play around with. It works as a regular compressor for regular stuff, but does so much more.

William Wusik Kalfelz

"This is interesting. If you put on some headphones or a good set of monitors, you can hear what the Comprexxor is doing. It's giving less decay to the snare and kind of holding the end of the snare sound.

"What you can do on the Comprexxor is to add a sidechain from the low pass. Let's say you're adding this to the master output and you can't separate the tracks. You can do this directly from the Comprexxor.

"Set the frequency of the low band and the high band using the low pass and it's just going to allow the lower frequencies to duck the compressor. It's just a very useful thing and not hard to use.

"I wanted to manipulate the sound to get some nice saturation and warmth with just the Comprexxor alone. It really does a nice job."

Learn more on T-RackS Comprexxor
Visit William Wusik Kalfelz's YouTube channel HERE


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