26 Aug 2021

Jonah Wei-Haas recommends MixBox

“A huge strength of MixBox is how incredibly intuitive it is.”

Jonah Wei-Haas recently published a video review offering tips on how to use MixBox, IK's award-winning 500-series style effects plug-in.

With 13+ million views on YouTube and over 100,000 subscribers, professional pianist and music producer Jonah consistently posts product reviews along with performances and music instruction. Hear what he has to say about MixBox.

Some quotes from the video

"I've had a chance to work with MixBox for the past few days and I can already see a multitude of ways that it's improving my workflow and my mixes.

To me, a huge strength of MixBox is how incredibly intuitive it is, while also sounding great.

Jonah Wei-Haas

"MixBox is a collection of 70 different effects modules moduled after some of the world's most famous and legendary EQs, compressors, limiters and everything in between.

"So whether you're a beginner who's looking to get into working with more plug-ins or a seasoned professional, MixBox will be a hugely valuable tool."

Learn more on MixBox

Visit Jonah Wei-Haas' YouTube channel HERE


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