28 Jul 2021

MixBox: dancetech Full Demo

“It really is a fantastically diverse collection of plug-ins.”

dancetech recently posted an in-depth and highly positive review of IK's MixBox, proclaiming it "one of the most important products IK Multimedia has released in recent years."

With nearly 50k subscribers, dancetech's YouTube channel is dedicated to music technology and recording, and specialized in technical and tutorial videos and reviews for home and bedroom-studio musicians.

In this video, dancetech begins by demonstrating some MixBox presets on drums, bass, acoustic guitar and a full mix. Following these demos, the reviewer goes through every MixBox module (all 71 of them!), explaining the functionality of each and calling out his favorites.

To my mind, MixBox is the best value collection of plug-ins you can now get from any manufacturer. And the quality is right up there with anything else on the market.


dancetech feedback

"I just want to draw attention to these infinite undo, redo buttons, which are on all IK plug-ins. This can be a real lifesaver. Brilliant stuff!

"Just one plug-in and everything's there to work on. It really speeds up your workflow. It's just so fast to work with this thing.

The IK Multimedia emulations are as good as anything out there. And this emulation, like all their other emulations of famous bits of gear, will stand up against the competition. Don't worry about that.


"This unit can take you back to those old-school hardware days where people were plugging something into something else and going 'that's actually really cool!' MixBox can get you back to those days and those happy accidents.

"MixBox is incredibly versatile. It'll do traditional mix work, you've got plenty of emulated classics in there. And it'll do all your sound sculpting and mangling-type stuff too.

"My advice is to get the demo. One of the great things about IK products is they give you proper demos. You're completely free to really delve into this and try it to your heart's content.

I think this is one of the most important products IK Multimedia has released in recent years. Even with the fantastic MODO DRUM and MODO BASS. This is an absolute winner!


Learn more on MixBox

Visit dancetech's YouTube channel


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