19 Jul 2021

Matt Johnson on UNO Synth Pro

Watch as Jamiroquai’s keyboard player demos some amazing sounds

If you love synths, you've got to check out this new video on IK's UNO Synth Pro from Jamiroquai's keyboard player, Matt Johnson. A 19-year veteran of the band, he's a fantastic player who knows how to produce inspiring synth sounds.

I put on my best Italian jacket today to celebrate Italy's newest contribution to synthesis, the UNO Synth Pro.

Matt Johnson

Matt begins the video with his first impressions of UNO Synth Pro before explaining a few of its sound-shaping controls and sharing the sounds he's created. It's masterful playing and programming and demonstrates a variety of what's possible with this instrument.

UNO Synth Pro in style

I hate menu diving, but they designed it so well that it never feels like a chore. It's actually really fun to program and makes you think in a different way.

Not a budget synth, it's a fully realized synthesizer with an amazing, unique sound.

Matt Johnson on UNO Synth Pro

Learn more about UNO Synth Pro

Visit Matt Johnson's YouTube channel here


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