4 Jul 2021

iRig Pre 2 Gets Big Thumbs-up

Beat magazine: “This ultra-compact interface is flexible.”

Beat magazine recently published a review of IK Multimedia's iRig Pre 2, giving the mobile microphone interface a score of 4 out of 5.

Beat is a German magazine that edits English editions of most of its issues, which are available for subscription or purchase. It's a well-respected resource for musicians and content producers who seek recommendations on gear and software for their work.

Here's how Beat describes IK's handy mic pre:

"IK Multimedia presents iRig Pre 2, a revised version of their interface specially designed for mobile devices. With this interface, you can equip your iPhone or other mobile devices with a microphone input.

"iRig Pre 2 is not connected digitally via Bluetooth, Lighting or USB/OTG, but in an analog way via the headphone input. This avoids incompatibilities with operating systems or special connections and achieves low latency values.

"This 40 x 110 x 34 mm small and 75 g (without batteries) lightweight interface can also be used to add a professional microphone input to an Artura Microfreak synthesizer.

iRig Pre 2 is an affordable, compact and straightforward solution for musicians, sound designers and content creators.

Beat magazine

"This mobile preamp offers an XLR input. When batteries are inserted, 48V phantom power is even possible, so that dynamic microphones, as well as condenser microphones, can be connected. Two AA batteries are required for operation, which lasted several hours in the test - even with phantom power activated.

"The frequency response is specified as 20 Hz to 20 kHz, and the maximum gain is 48 dB. This is more than sufficient for its intended use. An output is also built-in; the signal to be recorded can be monitored directly through headphones via a 3.5 mm jack socket."


"iRig Pre 2 is an affordable, compact and straightforward solution for musicians, sound designers and content creators who want to make high-quality recordings using professional microphones on mobile devices with analog headphone or headset connections. Thanks to its battery operation, phantom power and headphone jack, this ultra-compact interface is flexible."

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