13 Jul 2021

T-RackS Bus Compressor

Integraudio: “An excellent plug-in that will sit perfectly in your collection.”

Integraudio recently published their picks for the 7 Best VCA Compressors and IK Multimedia's T-⁠RackS Bus Compressor made the grade.

The Bus Compressor is based on the mix bus VCA-type compressor of a famed British large format mixing console from the '80s, with added processing and coloration features. It's included in T-⁠RackS 5 MAX and Total Studio 3 MAX, and is also available separately for use within IK's free T-⁠RackS 5 CS version.

Integraudio is a blog focused on audio recording and music production, which aims to help producers and engineers by delivering the latest information on music production.

Here's what they have to say about IK's T-⁠RackS Bus Compressor:

"When compared to the original unit, we can see right away that this plug-in has an extra Ratio value and extended threshold capabilities. Furthermore, it offers a high-pass side-chain control and a grit knob. As a part of the T-RackS family, it also benefits from all other IK Multimedia functions, such as oversampling and extended channel selection."

This plug-in will give you the right blend between the tracks in your mix or the hard-hitting compression you need for your drums.


Key Features

Side-chain: "This added feature brings you the opportunity to bypass the low-end pumping effect caused by high ratio and low threshold settings. Even though it's a new feature, it follows the pattern of the original unit, with its fixed values and curves. There are four frequency options, 60, 150, 250, and 500 Hz, making sure you're focusing on the lows and low-mids."

Mid-Side: "This T-RackS addition gives another use for this already sought-after bus compressor. Working in Mid-Side mode can help you achieve slightly different compressions on each channel. Simply use the switch under the big RESET button to set independent settings for each channel."

Grit: "This is also a new addition made by the developer, and it doubles down on the plug-in's original character for more emphasis on harmonic distortion. It is incredibly subtle, but what it attempts to do is mimic the behavior of out-of-calibration hardware, which can be very desirable in some situations."

Character & Sound

"The T-RackS Bus Compressor is at home with most musical styles, sounding great even with soft musical genres like Acoustic or Classical. It blends the original's sound with modern-day versatility, offering a more comprehensive range of possible uses. To sum up, this plug-in will give you the right blend between the tracks in your mix or the hard-hitting compression you need for your drums."


"The Bus Compressor is a lovely plug-in to have around, especially if you're mixing more commercial genres like Pop and Hip-Hop. Using it on the master track will give your sound that polished, professional feel for which most of us are looking. That is an excellent plug-in that will sit perfectly in your collection."

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