18 Jun 2021

Ken Andrews on T-RackS Sunset Sound

Hear why he says it’s “My new favorite room simulation plug-in!”

Recently Ken Andrews published a video on "Mixing Hardcore Rock" during which he focuses on the drums and how he uses IK's Sunset Sound Studio Reverb to great effect.

Ken Andrews is a musician and singer/songwriter known for his band Failure and many other projects. As a record producer and audio and mixing engineer, he's worked with Nine Inch Nails, Beck, Lostprophets, Pete Yorn, A Perfect Circle and Tenacious D, to name a few.

This video from Ken's YouTube channel covers a lot of ground. So we'll start where Ken introduces T-RackS Sunset Sound Studio Reverb on drums. He solos various drum tracks during the segment to demonstrate the different rooms, chambers, and reverbs in Sunset Sound. Hear for yourself.

Mixing drums with Sunset Sound

This plug-in is literally like having the ambience of those actual live rooms.

Ken Andrews

In Ken's own words

"This is the Sunset Sound, IK Multimedia Studio Reverb plug-in. I know these rooms. I've worked in all three of them. And this plug-in is literally like having the ambiance of those actual live rooms.

"We've got Studio 1, Studio 2 and Studio 3. And they all have a different quality to them. I just love it. It sounds like those rooms. They shot an IR, an impulse response, in these rooms and put it in a plug-in.

"The other crazy part of this plug-in is that for each of the studios you get 4 elements. You don't just get the live room. You also get the iso booth. So you've got the bigger rooms, the iso booth and each studio also has its own chamber.

"A chamber is a room with hard surfaces and a speaker in it. You send whatever audio you want to that speaker and there are microphones in there to pick up sound bouncing around in there. That is how people used to, and still do, create a flavor of reverb, a chamber reverb.

"Then you also get the plate for each room. You have your chamber reverb, You have your plate reverb. And a spring reverb from Studio 3.

"I love the simplicity of the interface. I love the images they show you. There's some EQ available down here. Some width controls. But in general, I just put it on a send, turn off the dry and make sure the wet is up all the way."

Learn more on T-RackS Sunset Sound

Visit Ken's YouTube channel here


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