1 Jun 2021

NEW VIDEO: Slash on AmpliTube 5

Learn how the guitar legend uses IK's AmpliTube 5 and why he thinks it "sounds amazing”

IK Multimedia is pleased to present a video roundup of our recent conversation with guitar legend, Slash. IK's Mark Menghi and Rachel Woods caught up with the guitar hero at the Gibson Showroom on the famed Sunset Blvd. in Hollywood, CA where he was happy to share his thoughts on using AmpliTube 5. Spoiler alert: he's a fan.

Slash on AmpliTube 5

AmpliTube has really improved. It was always great to begin with, no lie, but it's gotten even better. And it's effortless. Whatever it is, you can do it quickly and efficiently, and have the sound quality be excellent.


I'll take an idea, record it in AmpliTube and then download and send it over to the guys. And I do that all the time. I recommend it because of how quickly you can expedite an idea.


Join Slash and the legions of guitar and bass players who find their tone and inspiration in AmpliTube 5. Don't have AmpliTube 5 yet? Upgrade to AmpliTube 5 Custom Shop for free.

AmpliTube Slash is a suite of Slash's signature guitar effects, amps and cabs that he uses on tour and in the studio. We worked closely with Slash to recreate his rigs perfectly and Slash says we nailed it. Now you can play and record with the exact sounds that make the legend.

How to get some free Slash presets

If you already own AmpliTube 5 (SE and MAX), there are 20 free Slash presets waiting for you. AmpliTube 5 CS users will also find some free Slash presets that work with the gear included in the Custom Shop version.

Just launch IK's Product Manager software, go to "My products" and click on AmpliTube 5. All the presets will be available for download from the Related Downloads folder there.

Then just drag these files into the AmpliTube 5 presets folder on your Mac or PC.

Have questions? We created a helpful FAQ here!

Learn more on AmpliTube 5

Visit the official site of Slash here


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