17 May 2021

Larry Jordan reviews IK's iRig Pre HD

"It works exactly as you’d expect. Perfectly!”

Larry Jordan recently tested IK's mobile microphone interface, the iRig Pre HD, concluding that "the quality of the audio recording itself is excellent."

An award-winning producer, director, editor, teacher and trainer, Larry's been in the media industry for 50 years. He began his website in 2003, reviewing technology to help editors, directors and producers get work, improve their skills and keep clients happy.

Larry tests a lot of gear. Here's some of what he has to say about the iRig Pre HD.

What it is

"The iRig Pre HD is a microphone preamp designed for portability and reasonably high quality. It converts any professional microphone using an XLR connection into a digital signal then outputs it via a USB A or Lightning cable.

"The significant benefit to the iRig Pre HD is that it digitizes your audio inside the unit, rather than outputting a potentially noisy analog signal. Plus, the dual output options of USB A and Lightning increase the number of digital devices it can connect with."

The iRig Pre HD means you can travel wherever you want, with whatever mics you want and record them on whatever device you have handy and get high-quality results.

Larry Jordan

Who needs it

"The iRig series of preamps are designed to fit a specific niche: low-budget filmmaking and audio recording. They are highly portable, record with excellent quality and don't require a detailed manual to use."

Compared to iRig Pre 2

"The iRig Pre HD costs twice as much as the iRig Pre 2. While both are preamps, the HD also digitizes the audio, plus connects to all current computers and iDevices, requires no configuration, and has more intelligent power management. It works exactly as you'd expect. Perfectly."

Closing remarks

"Portability is the magic of these iRigs. I like how the level indicators work, now that I know what settings they represent. Phantom power means that the iRig supports both dynamic and condenser mics; which is just about every mic used today. And I really like that it bundles both USB A and Lightning cables in the box.

"Plus, the quality of the audio recording itself is excellent."

In the review, Larry provides a helpful guide that explains the level indicators on the iRig Pre HD and how to set the gain properly.

Read the full review here

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