8 Feb 2021

How to create a better vlog

SoundBytes reviews the iRig Video Creator HD Bundle

Following what's online or on TV is one way to stay connected. Creating your own content and sharing it is another. And if you want to speak what's on your mind clearly and in the best light, you'll need the right accessories. No problem, IK Multimedia makes it easy to grab everything together with one of our Video Creator Bundles.

SoundBytes recently reviewed the iRig Video Creator HD Bundle, going over in detail exactly what you get and what to expect from each component. Here are a few excerpts from the review.

"IK multimedia has created some nice bundles for podcasters and vloggers, assembling everything needed for that activity. I checked out various products and decided to try their iRig Video Creator HD Bundle. It has proven to be quite multi-functional."

iKlip Grip Pro
"iKlip Grip Pro is a tripod that can also serve as a monopod, or actually even a selfie stick. The really good thing with this tripod is that a smartphone or even a sports camera can sit perfectly inside itself. iKlip Grip Pro also comes with a Bluetooth shutter controller that can be easily attached to the tripod/monopod. You can use it from a distance – quite ideal for vlogging."

My dear fellow musicians, let's put aside your instruments for a moment and let's just talk.


iRig Mic HD 2
"I gave this one a try and was really surprised how technology has improved over the years. It is actually a polar-pattern cardioid condenser microphone that offers very clear and well-defined sound. The quality is so good that I was able to even record some acoustic guitar with it. All in all – this is really a first-rate microphone. I wasn't expecting such clarity from a USB device."

10″ LED Ring Light
"The last piece is an LED ring light that you can fasten to the iKlip cellphone stand. It comes with a cable and controller allowing you to choose between different colors and brightness levels. It was always an issue of how to properly set the light for any blog shoots, but with this one, it comes uber easy. In short, it works perfectly."

Verdict on the Bundle
"Actually, this collection is configured perfectly. The price seems quite fair since the microphone is fantastic, the light stand does its job perfectly, and the tripod serves multiple needs."

Thank you, SoundBytes for your devotion to the subject of computer sound and music production. Like you, we're proud to be helping musicians and content creators stay productive.

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