30 Dec 2020

AmpliTube 5 makes waves

Users are singing its praises on popular forums

AmpliTube 5 is barely out and the accolades are coming in fast. Users are praising the improved sound quality overall and in particular the new cabinet section. Capturing all those IR positions was a huge job for our development team, but well worth it. And the fact that during the process we re-recorded all the amps with a high-end signal chain in a great-sounding room, adds up to an even more musical experience.

Here are a few of the comments we received within the first 48 hours of AT5's release.

"The sonic improvement of AmpliTube 5 compared to the previous versions is blending with the music in a way that's pure magic."

"I have one word for IK, WOW!!! AmpliTube now sounds amazing. This upgrade is so worth it. Full screen on my monitor is fantastic. A lot of hard work went into this and it shows. Great job!"

AmpliTube 5 Forum Reviews

Inside the new Cabinet Section

"Once I dove into the VIR Tech window within the cabinet section, it opened up a whole new level of flexibility and cabinet tones. And sweeping across the frequency field didn't sound phasey and unnatural... Pretty quickly I was able to get the exact tones I wanted and the cabinets do a great job of capturing the low-end resonance/thickness and growl that I expect from micing a real cab off the floor."

Apples to apples better

"I am really f-n happy with this upgrade. I couldn't tell the difference between my buddy's original twin and the one you sampled. We were literally matching tones. Thank you IK MULTIMEDIA. You just made an otherwise miserable year into a winner for me!"

We agree! Thank you all for sharing!

If you haven't already purchased AmpliTube 5, you can still take advantage of introductory pricing through February 1, 2021.


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