23 Dec 2020

AmpliTube 5 wins maximum score and Gold award from Gearslutz

"You can assemble just about any rig you could dream of"

Gearslutz's  studio guru, Sound-Guy, has closely examined AmpliTube 5 piece by piece and has concluded "this has raised the bar again, by a large margin." He was impressed by its big jump in ease of use and flexibility, audio quality and sheer attention to detail. In fact he was so impressed that he gave it a maximum score in all categories plus the Gearslutz Gold Award.

Here are a few of his key comments:

"The new audio emulation system using IKM’s “Volumetric Impulse Response” makes all 100-plus cabinets more real than ever."

"In short, if you need more FX than AT5 provides, I really wonder what the heck you are recording!"

"You can assemble just about any rig you could dream of, for a lot less than buying the real hardware."

Sound-Guy's final verdict is:

"AmpliTube 5 has raised the bar again, by a large margin. It provides a wide range of possible tone modifications with a huge range of gear and with a new, flexible, very easy to use interface which I found a great improvement over version 4."

+ Very easy to use, and far more flexible than past versions.
+ Models of stompboxes, amps and cabs from top manufacturers have been approved by the manufacturers for their audio realism.
+ Authentic sound processing with amps and cabs that interact dynamically like real hardware.
+ A large selection of cabs and mics are available with 3-D mic positioning in front of the cabs, with new VIR Tech control for precise adjustments.
+ For more flexibility you can even change speakers to your liking in any 12 inch cab.
+ New re-sizeable interface with very “clean” graphics.
+ Excellent sound quality at sample rates up to 96 kHz.

Sound quality - 5 out of 5
Ease of use - 5 out of 5
Features - 5 out of 5
Bang for buck - 5 out of 5
Overall score - 5 out of 5

AmpliTube 5 receives the Gearslutz Gold Award

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