25 Nov 2020

MusicRadar reviews iLoud MTM

“IK Multimedia has gone all-in with its sound reproduction efforts”

You can trust your ears, but can you trust your studio monitors? Are they being completely honest with you? MusicRadar recently shared their thoughts on IK's iLoud MTM high-resolution compact studio monitors, and it's good news for tired ears.

MusicRadar gave iLoud MTM 5/5 stars, calling it "a remarkable feat of audio engineering" the reviewers were pleased to note "such a surgical level of detail in such a small format. It makes an ideal choice for those with crowded desks, and those who want to dive deeper into their mix."

The corrective targeting of individual elements within the mix is supernaturally easy.


When it comes to accuracy, "The onboard DSP allows for phase-coherency across the full-frequency spectrum – a key feature of the unit, and one which makes this speaker brutally 'honest'."

Along with a panel of EQ shelving options, iLoud MTM offers custom room settings "created via the incredibly effective iLoud-optimised version of IK's proprietary ARC calibration system" using the included MEMS measurement microphone.

Concerning low-end output from this compact speaker "IK's patent-pending Physical Response Linearization system tweaks performance in real-time to maintain solidity in the low end. To top it off, they never get fatiguing."

Thank you, MusicRadar. We agree. Every home studio should have a pair of iLoud MTMs!

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