12 Nov 2020

Apple Releases macOS 11 Big Sur

Our recommendation for IK software and hardware users

Apple is releasing their new operating system macOS 11 (Big Sur) this month on November 12th.

To ensure that your IK Multimedia software and hardware products work as intended, we strongly recommend waiting to update until we have confirmed compatibility.

Preliminary tests using the macOS 11 (Big Sur) beta, suggest you may encounter compatibility issues, which are being validated with the official release of Big Sur now. For more specific information, please check back here if you have any concerns with your IK Multimedia products. We will continue to post any compatibility issues - and planned fixes if required - here and will update the IK FAQ as appropriate.

Please be aware that your Mac may try to update itself automatically. To prevent this, please uncheck the "Install macOS updates" option located in your System Preferences > Software Update > "Advanced...".

Thank you for your patience.

Your IK Multimedia Team.


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