23 Nov 2020

Sonoteka reviews IK’s MixBox

From a producer’s perspective, “Is MixBox worth the money?”

MixBox is making waves with a growing number of producers who want great-sounding results fast. In their recent review, Sonoteka explains why IK's new custom processor chain is gaining fans behind the console.

"MixBox is a lovely 500 series lunchbox-styled channel strip that comes with 70 units: 3 Channel Strips, 5 Distortion units, 9 Amps, 10 Filters, 17 Modulation Fx, 9 Reverb Units, 4 EQ's, 7 Dynamic Units, 3 Saturation Units, and 3 Delays. That's a lot of FX right there, more than enough."

Talking about how MixBox combines some of the best effects from T-RackS, AmpliTube, and Sampletank, plus a few new ones...

"Many of the amps are based on known brands like Mesa Boogie, Roland, Fender, and others."

MixBox is absolutely worth it. I say this because I'm thinking about workflow, speed, and efficiency.


And going through the many effects types in MixBox, the reviewer notes:

"All five Distortion units are great. There isn't a filter I don't like in this section. The Inverse Reverb is also in the flagship T-RackS bundle. My favorites here are the EQ PA1 and the EQ PG, both emulations of iconic EQ units. I find the Modulation FX rack works very well with lead synths, pianos, and brass."

Not only do you get all these effects modules, MixBox comes ready to kick-start your sessions with a comprehensive library of presets. As the reviewer concludes:

"On top of that, there are over 500 'quality presets/preset chains' you can cycle through to quickly get your mix off to a good start creatively."

There's nothing to read between the lines. MixBox sounds great, saves time, and just plain makes musical sense. Thanks Sonoteka!

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