5 Nov 2020

Computer Music crowns Hammond B-3X the "Best Instrument App"

"It's all down to the sound quality, workflow and authenticity"

Computer Music has compiled the best apps in their December 2020 issue and crowns Hammond B-3X for iPad the Best Instrument app, stating that it's all down to its sound quality, workflow and authenticity.

Computer Music gave Hammond B-3X for Mac/PC/iPad a 9/10 rating in their original review, back in December 2019 and it was also a front-runner in their annual Virtual Instrument of the Year awards. The astonishing realism, the comprehensive control of every tone generation nuance plus the powerful set of tone-shaping effects all contributed towards an overwhelmingly ecstatic verdict.

Here are some of the key comments from the original review:

"To our ears, it's difficult to tell the B-3X apart from the real thing. The plugin combines the warmth of a real-world B3 and Leslie setup with enough digital sheen to enable it to cut through a modern production."

"IK have faithfully replicated every design flaw that gave the original B3 so much of its character, but they have also made these features user-adjustable so you can tailor the sound to your taste."

"Many B3 emulations capture the sound of the organ, but very few manage to capture the feel of the real thing - the way the air moves around the speaker, the rumbles and clicks of the components working together to create the vibe that Hammond players love so much."

The final verdict was:

"Whatever your bag, from gospel to jazz, hard rock or even EDM, with its full complement of tweakable options and effects, the B-3X might well be the closest plugin, compared to the real thing, that we've ever heard."

Key Plusses:
+ An incredibly-realistic Hammond organ sound
+ Great interface
+ Four tonewheel models to select from
+ Intricate levels of tonal adjustment
+ Extra effects and amp simulations

Visit Computer Music and grab the December 2020 issue - on the shelves now!
Learn more about Hammond B-3X for iPad


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