9 Nov 2020

Resolution mag on ARC System 3: "Excellent value and sounds fantastic"

"This is marvellous"

Leading broadcast and studio technology magazine, Resolution, has been taking a close look at ARC System 3, courtesy of studio production specialist, George Shilling. He was blown away by its ease of use, audio clarity and super-flexible target EQ options.

Here are some of his key comments:

"The app helpfully walks you through taking measurements, with overhead graphic representations of suggested measuring spots."

"The stereo image sounded wonderful."

"One excellent feature is that you can take measurements centred on your listening position at the desk for a typical studio setup (Studio - Monitor Spot), then take a further set of measurements for the client listening sofa (Studio - Back Area)."

"ARC's correction is crisp and clear, I thoroughly enjoyed mixing with it doing its thing, and importantly, my clients were ecstatic."

George's verdict was:

"In summary: ARC 3 is excellent value (with or without the MEMS mic); it sounds fantastic, and is highly flexible for different requirements - this is marvellous."


+ Great sounding room correction
+ Super flexible target EQ options
+ Listening position options
+ Speaker emulations

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Learn more on ARC System 3


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