20 Nov 2019

Adam Hawkins on iLoud MTM

“The iLoud MTMs are on another level!” - GRAMMY-winning engineer, Adam Hawkins

Adam Hawkins is one of today’s top GRAMMY®-winning mix engineers known for mixing bands and artists like 21 Pilots, Muse, 50 Cent, P!nk, Regina Spektor, Switchfoot, Mastodon and more. He doesn’t turn in a mix without crucial monitoring on our iLoud MTM studio monitors!

“I love the iLoud Micro Monitors and have used them on many mixes. But, the new iLoud MTMs are on another level”

After spending years with the iLoud Micro Monitors, Adam was excited to check out the sequel to our ultra-clear reference monitors.   iLoud MTM uses the most advanced DSP techniques to provide total control over the speakers’ performance, delivering results simply not obtainable with traditional analog designs.  After checking out all of the features and working with them in his personal studio, Adam commented:

“The built-in room calibration works great and I’m amazed at the audio quality and size of the speaker for this price point. It’s an ideal monitor for me to check my mixes for the real world.”

iLoud MTM studio monitors were designed to bring professional class sound to any studio or production space.  With a number of features found nowhere else on a speaker of its size and price point, it's no surprise that musicians, producers, and artists of all kind are loving their impact.  From the professionals to the new beginners, hear the truth in your music with iLoud MTM.

Click here to learn more about iLoud MTM.


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