23 Jun 2022

The Grunge Tapes

New tracks and presets for SampleTron 2 Mac/PC and iOS

A FREE update for all SampleTron 2 users is available now, adding 25 new tracks to load into any preset and 40 new presets.

Meet The Grunge Tapes

Looking for cool new sounds to explore? "The Grunge Tapes" are here. FREE to all SampleTron 2 users, this collection is something you won't find anywhere else.

The Grunge Tapes consists of new tracks and presets of super vibey lo-fi, eroded, distorted, bit-crushed and aliased sounds with analog degradation and vintage digital lo-fi artifacts. Explore them all and discover what sparks your imagination.

To use the new sound content, all SampleTron 2 users must update to v.2.04 (Mac/PC) or v1.1.2 (iOS) respectively.


To get this FREE update on Mac/PC

  1. Launch the IK Product Manager
  2. Go to Manage My Products
  3. Under Software, use the Update button next to SampleTron 2
  4. If you have yet to do so, click Authorize next to SampleTron 2
  5. In the Software tab again, use the Sounds section under SampleTron 2 to find your Download button for "The Grunge Tapes"

The Grunge Tapes sound content can also be installed from the User Area. Go to Support/User Area/My Products/SampleTron 2, and then click the Download Resources button to access the installer for The Grunge Tapes.

For iPad users

Open the App Store on your iPad, go to the Updates tab, and use the Update button next to SampleTron 2.

What's New in SampleTron 2.0.4 (Mac/PC) and SampleTron 1.1.2 (iOS)

  • New sound content, "The Grunge Tapes," tracks and presets added
  • Internal support for new sound content, "The Grunge Tapes"
  • Imported samples now autofill to cover notes between and around root keys
  • Fixed a bug where velocity was not recalling in plug-in instance

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