17 Mar 2022

Salim Akram on ARC 3

“I would recommend this to anyone to take their mixes to the next level.”

In this video, Billie Eilish and FINNEAS' Monitor Engineer Salim Akram presents an overview of IK's ARC System 3 room correction software. He discusses how to use it and goes into the benefits of ARC's virtual monitoring tools.

Salim Akram is the Monitor Engineer for seven-time Grammy Award-winning artist Billie Eilish and eight-time Grammy Award-winning producer and artist FINNEAS, and a 2019 Parnelli nominee for the Monitor Engineer of the Year. Hear his insights on creating better mixes.

Why room correction matters

"If you want to take what you're doing at home to another level, I think the ARC 3 will fill in some holes there, particularly in giving you a better representation of what you're hearing and allowing you to take what you're doing to the next level."

I would recommend this to anyone that's trying to take their mixes and sound to the next level but doesn't particularly have the resources at the moment pre- or post-COVID.

Salim Akram

On virtual monitoring in ARC 3

"ARC 3 is a very powerful tool where you can choose 'virtual profiles' from a dropdown menu. You can simulate all these virtual environments without really having to guess and it gives you a good sonic and visual representation of the parameters you would want to try to tailor your mix in, which is helpful without having to bounce it and go back and check your mix against different environments."

 ARC System 3 virtual monitoring

The best part is ARC 3 is really intuitive and easy to use for anybody who's trying to recreate different listening environments in their home or professional studio.

Salim Akram

Have you tried IK's award-winning ARC 3 and heard the difference in your setup? It analyses quickly the acoustic problems wherever you set up and compensates to correct them so any mix moves you make translate better to other speakers and spaces.

What's even cooler is that ARC 3 offers you virtual profiles to do "car tests" and see how your mix sounds outside the studio. There are even profiles for you to hear what your mix will sound like playing through TVs, phone speakers or earbuds!

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