30 Mar 2022

iLoud MTMs at Wincraft Studio

Producer James Towler explains why he loves IK’s compact monitors

iLoud MTM studio monitors are being used in studios around the world because of their compact size, superior sound and built-in acoustic room correction. Here's another example of MTMs in action in the UK and a solid recommendation from a seasoned pro.

James Towler is an award-winning Recording Engineer and Producer. He is also Steve Winwood's and Wincraft's front of house, studio, and tour manager. He has worked with the likes of Eric Clapton, Santana, Van Morrison and Public Image Ltd over the past 25 years. Here's what he says about iLoud MTMs:

"Having worked in many different rooms located away from my main control room during the UK lockdown, I was looking for a compact speaker and came across the iLoud MTM's. I had used IK's ARC room correction system for many years, so finding speakers that had this built-in intrigued me as most of the rooms I was working in were untreated.

The mixes that I created on the MTMs translated back into my control room, car and iPhone, with clients delighted with the outcome.

James Towler

"The first test I did was to bring up a track I had been working on in my control room at home and solo'ed the Kick Drum and started to EQ it. I was blown away by the low extension that this size of speaker could go down to. I could EQ the full range of the Kick Drum and hear all of the nuances of the changes I was making. This even included the compression as well.

These have become my workhorse speakers in every room I mix and track in. With the recent addition of the v1.2 firmware, I am sure I will have a room full of them to create an immersive space.

James Towler

James Towler is based at Steve Winwood's Wincraft Studios in Gloucestershire, England. More info on Wincraft Studios HERE.

Discover iLoud MTMs available in pairs, as singles and bundled with Total Studio 3.5 MAX.

product image

iLoud MTM - Pair white


product image

iLoud MTM - Pair black




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