3 Nov 2021

Video: Guitar World on AmpliTube X-⁠GEAR guitar pedals

“The high-performance X-⁠GEAR pedal line is an absolute knockout!”

Guitar World just posted a new video that answers the question "Are AmpliTube X-⁠GEAR pedals right for you?" Along the way, Paul Riario explores the amazing sounds and effects of each pedal and explains how they work.

"Today we're going to be taking a look at IK Multimedia's brand new and feature-packed X-⁠GEAR pedal line. They're incredible, so let's check it out."

Quotes from Guitar World's review

"The 4 AmpliTube X-⁠GEAR pedals cover all your guitar effects processing needs. There's an X-DRIVE distortion and the X-VIBE modulation that offer a huge range of well-known and desirable analog pedal effects.

"And over here, are the X-TIME delay and X-SPACE reverb, which feature studio-grade delays and spacious reverbs along with some all-new reverb and delay algorithms that create some really cool, far-out sounds.

What I love most about the new X-⁠GEAR pedals is the intuitive interface that allows you to easily tweak and save settings on the fly using the control knobs.

Paul Riario

Closing remarks

"If you're one of the many players who use AmpliTube, or someone looking for pedals packed with premium effects, then the high-performance IK Multimedia X-⁠GEAR pedal line is an absolute knockout!

"Having each pedal loaded with 16 different effects taken from IK's most popular AmpliTube models along with two of the pedals featuring all-new reverb and delay algorithms, as well as the ability to further tweak settings and save presets with the included software, makes the X-⁠GEAR stompboxes versatile world-class tone machines for studio or stage.

"Definitely, check it out!"

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