20 Sep 2019

"I totally dig the sound-- IK really did a good job"

20 Sep 2019

Enter to win one of eight iLoud Micro Monitor or iLoud MTM in this amazing weekly giveaway from Pensado's Place and IK Multimedia.

18 Sep 2019

"This is simply a beautiful product that will give you an endless sonic palette.”

17 Sep 2019

"Wonderful stuff! This has a massive variety of tones!”

17 Sep 2019

"I really didn’t expect it to be as feature-rich and useable as it is.”

16 Sep 2019

Visit a station near you to hear the iLoud MTM studio monitors in action.

13 Sep 2019

"If it’s good enough for Joe Satriani…"

12 Sep 2019

Controllers offer on-the-go convenience, new MIDI I/O, unique audio/headphone out

11 Sep 2019

Taking place in Mannheim, Germany, from 27-29 September 2019

09 Sep 2019

Show us how you use your UNO Synth and UNO Drum for a chance to win great prizes!

09 Sep 2019

Joe Satriani, Marty Friedman, and more talk about the benefits of using AXE I/O.

06 Sep 2019

"The UNO Drum is one step ahead with its mixture of analog and PCM sounds"

05 Sep 2019

Save 50% on SampleTank and Syntronik apps and in-app synth collections.

05 Sep 2019

"An impressive amount of beat action to be had from this diminutive box"

04 Sep 2019

We're bringing our IK tools, hosting a MODO DRUM master class, and more!

04 Sep 2019

"Very easy to use and tremendous fun to play, you’ll find everything you need"

03 Sep 2019

Now up to 11 for the price of 1 through September 30th

02 Sep 2019

Register UNO Synth or UNO Drum, and get Syntronik* for free!

01 Sep 2019

Save 40% on all high-gain AmpliTube iOS apps & in-app collections

30 Aug 2019

New & existing users get a free copy of acclaimed Metering Suite

30 Aug 2019

"A whole new level of control"

29 Aug 2019

"I found it a pleasure to use and very easy to find my way around"

28 Aug 2019

"I got some amazing sounding drums out of it.”

28 Aug 2019

We're teaming up with Loudwire for a very special giveaway.

27 Aug 2019

“IK Multimedia has surely made something special with this one.”

23 Aug 2019

See the ins and outs of MODO Drum in a series of YouTube videos.

23 Aug 2019

Join us on Saturday, August 24th at this free event!

23 Aug 2019

Join us for the UK premier of AmpliTube Brian May and see all your IK favourites in action

22 Aug 2019

Authentic access to entire rig of legendary Queen guitarist

19 Aug 2019

"Absolutely no-nonsense, straight to the point and game-changing"

16 Aug 2019

"You can really take your amp and effects anywhere you want"

15 Aug 2019

"The IK Multimedia iRig Micro Amp offers a ton of value."

14 Aug 2019

"I think they’re worth every single penny."

13 Aug 2019

Video of the legendary guitarist discussing music technology

12 Aug 2019

"I was impressed right away.”

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