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Firmware updater for iRig Keys I/O

Use the Firmware updater to update the firmware on your iRig Keys I/O to the latest version.

The Firmware updater automatically detects any iRig Keys I/O connected to your Mac or PC and updates the firmware, if an update is available.

Follow these steps to update the firmware:

  1. Register iRig Keys I/O to your IK User account if you haven’t already. Registration provides you with access to the Firmware updater.
  2. Once registered, go to the "Firmware Updates" section of your User Area on your computer and download the IK Multimedia Firmware updater for Mac or PC.
  3. Plug iRig Keys I/O into a free USB port on your Mac or Windows computer.
  4. Launch the IK Multimedia Firmware updater. The updater will automatically find the connected device.
  5. Select the IK Multimedia hardware product you would like to update and click on the update button.

NOTE: Do not unplug your iRig Keys I/O while the updater is running. Doing so may result in permanent damage to the product.

NOTE: The first time you power up your unit after the firmware update completes, this may take longer than usual. This is normal behavior.

The Firmware Updater requires OS X 10.7 / Windows 7 or later.

Please contact the IK Multimedia support service in case you need assistance.

What is new in Firmware version 1.0.11

Firmware Updater release 1.0.11 includes compatibility fix of the updater app due to the installation of the iRig ASIO driver. (Windows only)

Previous releases

Firmware version 1.0.10

Firmware release 1.0.10 includes minor bug fixes and the Firmware Updater is now compatible on macOS Mojave (10.14.x).

Firmware version 1.0.9

Firmware release 1.0.9 includes a new Factory preset (F06) with MIDI program changes directly assigned to the 8 rubber pads for performance-ready presets switching when using Apple MainStage.

Firmware version 1.0.8

Firmware release 1.0.8 includes significant enhancements and new features that improve and extend the iRig Keys I/O functionality.

  • Fixed an issue with iOS that can generate noise bursts on certain iPhone models.
  • Added a new factory iRig Keys IO preset (F05) specifically made to control Ableton Live.
  • LEDs backlight: when enabled this feature keeps all LEDs of iRig Keys IO slightly lit up so that all controls are very easily identifiable in dark environments.
  • The Keyboard MIDI Channel is now an iRig Keys IO preset parameter. It is now possible to have different Keyboard MIDI Channels between iRig Keys IO users presets.
  • Adjustable sensitivity for drum pads: it is now possible to set different pads sensitivity to fit different user needs.
  • Indication for an iRig Keys IO preset that has been modified. A dot will appear on the display, near to the preset name, when the current preset has been modified, until it will be stored as new preset.
  • Added a second operating mode for PROG buttons to allow fast iRig Keys IO preset switching.
  • Program Change sent by the host can now load iRig Keys IO users presets.
  • Current iRig Keys IO preset number is now shown by default on the display at power up. Preset number is also shown each time the edit navigation exits.
  • Velocity curves have been renamed as: S (soft), N (normal), H (hard), 64 (fixed 64), 100 (fixed 100), 127 (fixed 127).
  • Menu navigation: it is now possible to move backward in the EDIT pages by pressing the EDIT button. The same is possible on the PRESET menu, by pressing the PRESET button. Each press of the button will move to the previous page.


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