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I'd like to transfer my IK product license to another person. How can I do that?

Please note that not all software is transferable. Items received for free via a promotion are not transferable. Purchases made inside of the Custom Shop using Gear Credits are not transferable to another user or account. Items transferred previously through the use of an LTC are not transferable. See the EULA for full details.

In order to transfer an IK Multimedia software license to another person, the current rights owner must purchase a "License Transfer Credit" in IK Multimedia's online store.

If you already have one, please go to the User Area > My Products > (product name) > Serials/License. Inside the pop up window click Transfer. This process will remove the serial number from your account and allow the new user to register it. After the license transfer has been completed, the previous rights owner is not allowed to retain any copy of the media.

If you do not have one yet, please purchase a "License Transfer Credit" in the IK Multimedia's online store. Only OEM versions and versions bundled with third-party products can be transferred free of charge and without a "License Transfer Credit".

Please contact IK Multimedia Support if the product you wish to transfer is not listed in your account or if you are having troubles on transferring your license.

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